I love to sew, design and silkscreen. I love colour! I am inspired by everything. I have been highly motivated since childhood. As I grew older, my creativity grew and flourished. It was like a caged animal that so desperately wanted to escape. For a long time I left that animal in its cage, so fearful of what it might produce. After awhile I became bored with it just stalking around, so I opened the door and out of the shadows emerged...the 'Sew Ninja'.

Everything that I produce is handmade with LOVE in Nelson, British Columbia, CANADA

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kaleidoscope Tunics

Finally I have managed to get some work done! With recently moving and a baby on the way.....life has been a bit hectic. In ode to fall fast approaching I have used it as my inspiration for these comfortable oversize tunics!

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