I love to sew, design and silkscreen. I love colour! I am inspired by everything. I have been highly motivated since childhood. As I grew older, my creativity grew and flourished. It was like a caged animal that so desperately wanted to escape. For a long time I left that animal in its cage, so fearful of what it might produce. After awhile I became bored with it just stalking around, so I opened the door and out of the shadows emerged...the 'Sew Ninja'.

Everything that I produce is handmade with LOVE in Nelson, British Columbia, CANADA

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mandara Jackets!

This sporty cropped jacket is inspired by the mythical mandara tree. It is said that in the shade of the mandara tree in Hindu paradise, all worldly cares are forgotten. According to ancient tree-worship beliefs, plants were not only conscious but able to feel pain. Each tree was believed to contain a tree spirit who had to be given flowers and sweetmeats. In return, the tree could be consulted as an oracle and had the power to grant children fame and great wealth. Before a tree was cut, the cutter prayed to the tree deity so that the god would find another tree and not be angry with him.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Springing into spring

Monument Top

Switch Shifts

The Knife Thrower Shrug